Saturday, 28 December 2013

No longer inbetween

Connor Sage Clement was born at home on the 11/12/13 in a little over an hour with no midwives present.  This is his story.

We made love at the dark of the moon and called you into our lives.  As we held each other skin to skin, warm with love, I opened my heart and womb and asked for a baby boy to join our family.

By the next dark moon I knew you had come, those little changes in my body that told me a new soul had come into my womb.

For nine months we danced together as one being, my belly swelling with every moon that passed.  I met you in dreams and visions, my blonde haired boy with knowing eyes.

The women in my life encircled us, nurturing and supporting us.  Blessing the way for our birthing journey, I felt so very loved.

As our tenth moon came round I started to notice the signs that your birthing time was coming soon.  I cried and I slept.  I entered a slow, still, inbetween space, waiting, trying to be patient, to allow your journey to unfold in its own time.

It was early morning, not yet light when I felt a wave roll through my womb.  I sat up, alert, is it time.  For several minutes, all was quiet, nothing.  I thought you were teasing me again, we were nearly halfway to full moon and you had been keeping me guessing.

Then, suddenly another wave.  And then another.  At the third I was out of bed and rocking my body, apparently it was time after all.

We lit the blessing candle, we prepared the nest on the floor.  It became clear you weren't going to be taking your time.

I wept on daddy's chest as I struggled with your opening waves, when I realised I was in transition, you weren't going to be long now.

I felt you moving down, I rocked my body on hands and knees.  And then I knew, I could do this, I was in my power.  I also knew it was going to be just you, me and daddy, and that was ok too.

I opened my pelvis wide, I moaned from deep in my belly and you arrived into daddy's hands, shouting your arrival to the world.

I brought you up to my belly, my breast, skin to skin.  Daddy and I blessed your arrival with tears and a deep, loving kiss.

There you were, my little blonde haired boy with the knowing eyes.


  1. Beautiful, Awen! Congratulations!

  2. What a gorgeous story of baby's arrival into this world! Thanks for sharing it, love Paula xxx

  3. Just beautiful! Congratulations to you all x

  4. Congratulations and welcome baby Connor.

  5. So beautiful. You are full of grace and surrender and beauty. Blessed be!

  6. Such a beautiful story, and arrival. Sending love to you all.

  7. What a beautiful soulful story. Thank you for sharing.